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Body Jewelry n' Piercings Articles

Body Piercing is very popular now a days and there is all kinds of information you will what to know before you get a piercing and that's where are site can help you. There is also lots of information about taking care of them afterwards. Our site has lot of great informative articles on body jewelry and piercings so please feel free to browse our site.

Choosing a Piercer

I sujest that you always check with your piercer if you have any questions or concerns about your body piercing.
Consult a piercer and ask a few questions:

  • Does the studio have a license to operate?
  • Does this piercer have experience treating piercings?
  • Are they a trusted expert body piercer that you can consult with on other resources for facts and information about piercing?
  • Do they provide aftercare guidelines?
  • Look at their piercing photo portfolio.

More Informative Information