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Belly button rings, navel jewelry, belly jewelry or however you like to refer to it, is the most fashionable type of adornment when it comes to body piercing. Not only are belly button rings in demand, it is by far because the navel is considered to be the sexiest place to have pierced. With the right jewelry and a good piercing, belly button rings can attract more attention than any other feature on an individual.

Choosing the right belly button rings can be the key to having a healthy and attractive naval area. If you choose belly button rings with the wrong kind of metal, you could end up with discoloring, discomfort and even an infection that might cause you to have to let your piercing close up.

The best choices to make when purchasing your belly button rings are to choose 14k or 18k gold, surgical implant stainless steel, surgical implant titanium or Tygon, which is a plastic specifically created for people who are sensitive to metal. Avoid plated gold belly button rings, as the plating can wear off and uncover metal that could have an adverse reaction with your skin. Sterling silver is not a good choice either because it oxidates when it comes into contact with bodily fluids and tissues. Any artificially colored belly button rings should be avoided.

Once you've chosen a quality metal that won't irritate your skin or even jeopardize your piercing, you are ready to get creative with your belly button rings. Simple balls, dangling gems or characters, licensed logos of your favorite teams or characters and even holiday theme bellybutton rings are available at a number of retailers. You can even dress up your entire mid-drift with a belly chain and belly ring combination.

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