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Eyebrow rings jewelry is placed in an eyebrow piercing that can be located on either side of the face anywhere along the brow line. Some people are hesitant about what side to pierce on and what kind of eyebrow rings jewelry to buy because there is some rumor that there is significant meaning to piercing on a particular side of the face and the type of eyebrow jewelry worn. This simply isn't true. Eyebrow rings jewelry offer no indication as to what someone's sexual orientation might be or any other telling information.

When you have your eyebrow pierced, your eyebrow rings jewelry should be pierced deeply into the skin to prevent migration (rejection of and closure of the piercing). Also, the combination of your eyebrow rings jewelry and eyebrow hairs surrounding the piercing could cause irritation. Remove the hairs closest to the piercing and the ring should feel just fine. Do not use hot or cold hair removal waxes or hair removal creams on the piercing or eyebrow jewelry. The irritation and possible infection risks are far to great to use them.

As long as you keep your initial eyebrow rings jewelry in after your piercing and take proper care of the wound, you should be completely healed between 4 to 6 weeks. Your starter eyebrow rings jewelry should be between 16 and 12 gauges and a captive bead is always the ideal starter jewelry.

Once your piercing is healed, you can choose from more styles of eyebrow rings jewelry than you can probably thought was possible. You can buy eyebrow rings jewelry in straight barbells, curved barbells, captive bead rings and retainers (usually used to hide the piercing.)

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