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Hot Body Jewelry from Belly Button Rings to Tongue Rings

Body jewelry has become a huge part of the mainstream mall and specialty jewelry stores around the world. It is almost impossible to go anywhere without coming across someone who doesn't have something on their body pierced or adorned with jewelry. Choosing the right body jewelry for the right piercing can truly make your look stand out above the rest.

Body jewelry is often available in barbell shapes. Shorter barbells that are 5/16'', 3/8'' or 7/16'' are great for eyebrows and ears that are pierced. Barbells that are large from '' to 5/8''typically work in a tongue piercing or naval piercings. Keep in mind that when you have your tongue pierced; you will probably have a larger barbell placed in your tongue to allow for swelling. You will need to purchase the smaller recommended sizes for after your wound heals.

One of the most popular shapes for body jewelry is a ring. You can use rings for almost any piercing you have on your body. From your lips and nose to your ears and eyebrows, rings are perfect and always look great. You can even find rings available for both male and female genital piercings.

Nostril screws and bones are available for those who have a need for this type of body jewelry. Make sure the screw or bone isn't too long and will fit just about any piercing. If you choose one that is too large you might be able to feel it in the nostril and it could become irritating. You also don't want people to be able to see the inner part of your body jewelry in your nose.

Reasons for wearing body jewelry and getting pierced are has unique has the person. You can ask has many people has you would like people about their piercings and get a different answer from them all, however they all have something in common – they all want to find high quality body jewelry such as belly button rings, barbells or tongue rings at the best price, and that's why we are here.

Body piercing

Body piercing is recorded as far back as 4000 years and has been an important part of cultural and social structures for a number of generations. From nobility to religious expression, different types of body piercing have played an important role in developing this particular art form. Although body piercing still retains significance for many cultures, it has also become an art form and vehicle of self-expression for many individuals.

Whatever you choose to begin with for you body piercing, you should choose the safest metals with minimal risk for allergic reactions like stainless steel, titanium and gold. Healing time for each body piercing can vary depending on the body part and the individual who has the piercing. The general rule is that areas that have ample blood supply will hear quicker than areas that have lesser blood supply.

Healing times are not completely accurate, but intended as more of a guideline to give you an idea of what to expect. The healing time for a tongue piercing is approximately 4 to 6 weeks, the lip is approximately 6 to 8 weeks, the navel is approximately 6 months to over 1 year and the nostril takes approximately 2 months to 1 year. Cheek takes about 2 to 3 months to heal. It is important to wait until all body piercings are healed before changing your jewelry.

The size and design of the jewelry for your body piercing will vary depending on which body part you are having pierced. Always choose a reputable body piercer with verified credentials and follow the healing instructions to ensure a healthy and attractive piercing.

Whether your piercing your belly button or your eyebrow

What ever you have pierced on your body, You can find a great looking piece of body jewelry to accent it. Whether you're looking for bellybutton rings to tongue rings, find them that are beautiful and designed for comfort, and we have great merchants to the best sources for body jewelry. So no matter what kind of body jewelry you're trying to find from toe rings and even temporary tattoos your just a click away.

Our site also provides great information on everything from the history of body jewelry to how body piercing is done, and if you have questions on aftercare and how to choose a piercer you can find it here.

Shop for body jewelry like tongue belly button rings online

Our merchants offer a large selection of tongue rings, belly button rings, chains, temporary tattoos and anything else your looking for, Our site has links to what we believe are the best discount body jewelry sites on the Internet. Find that one special piece you are looking for from one of our recommended body jewelry merchants, all from the comfort of your home and it is delivered to your doorstep!

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