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Labret jewelry is what is inserted into labret piercings, which are located in the center of the lower lip. It is not the most popular piercing, but enough people are getting it done so that you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't at least seen one or know about labret jewelry. Although one might not know the proper name for a lower lip piercing, they are more than likely aware that having labret jewelry as body ornamentation is a possibility.

As with any other piercing on the body, labret jewelry requires thorough cleaning and should be done regularly. With a labret piercing, the labret jewelry and piercing area need to be cleaned both internally and externally. If you notice a problem with the disc from your labret jewelry rubbing against your teeth or gums, see the piercer who put in your labret. If you don't do anything about the rubbing, you could end up with a dental issue in the long run.

Sometimes people will experience some tissue growth around the disc of their labret jewelry. Sea salt soaks are strongly recommended for promoting the healing of this type of growth. Sometimes a product called gly-oxide is recommended to promote the healing of labret jewelry. It is effective for some and not for others. Sea salt remains consistent in assisting the healing process.

When you have your labret piercing done, you will have longer studded labret jewelry than you will wear when the wound in healed placed in the initial hole. When you are ready to purchase new labret jewelry for your labret piercing, a 16 to 12 gauge labret stud is recommended. Healing time for the wound from labret piercings is typically between 6 to 8 weeks.

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