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nipple jewelry including rings & shields

Nipple jewelry ring shields are some of the most fashionable pieces of jewelry purchased by those who love body piercing. After the initial healing time required after having your nipple pierced, there are a number of simple to ornate options for you to choose from to enhance the look of you nipple, and for many it can even offer stimulation. From nipple jewelry, rings and shields, you can create many different looks with a variety of body jewelry.

Nipple rings and shields are not relatively new concepts. It was used to signify the strength of the Roman guards during Caesar's reign. Even Victorian women were said to have pierced their nipples and have a hand chain on them. The look and feel of a pierced nipple is attractive to many and offers erotic pleasure as well.

Nipple shields aren't a piercing. The shields are simply a piercing accessory. When you have your nipple pierced, you can add addition decoration with a nipple shield. Nipple shields are normally an ornamental plate with a hole in the center to allow for the center of the nipple to pass through. The nipple is placed in this hole and secured by the existing piercing.

Nipple jewelry ring shields are mainly for pleasure and ornamentation as there is really no practical use for one. Sometimes people use nipple shields specifically designed to manipulate the nipple and change the elasticity and sometimes the shape. It is no necessary to alter the nipple in any way to accommodate mainstream nipple shields.

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