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Temporary tatoos are sometimes referred to as a transferable sticker. These are different than henna tattoos, which create temporary tatoos but can cause severe skin irritation or allergic reactions. Temporary tatoos are a great way to try out a new look if you are considering a permanent tattoo and you can expect it to last one to two days. If you want the look of a permanent tattoo but don't think you will want your body art to remain more than five years, there are some temporary tatoos that claim to give you just that option.

Temporary tatoo artists claim that they can provide a short-term tatoo by putting the ink in a less permanent layer of skin than they would if they were drawing a permanent tattoo. The logic behind this is that the skin will fade off, as will the temporary tatoos. Basic dermatology will teach you that even if we had a 'semi-permanent' layer of skin, placing the exact amount of ink on the specific layer of skin would be next to impossible. Not only that, but the scarring from this these types of temporary tatoos would still be present.

Some tattoo artists will use inks that have been created specifically for those looking for temporary tatoos. There is no guarantee that your chemical make up will react properly with this special ink and could result in an allergic reaction. Another possibility is that your temporary tatoos will simply fade into an unattractive stain over time. Again, these types of 'temporary tatoos' can't hide any scarring that will have occurred.

When it comes to making a decision about tattoos, temporary tatoos can give you a good idea of whether or not you like the look of a tattoo or not. When it comes down to it, a tattoo is permanent no matter what kind of ink you use or where the ink is place due to basic scarring in the end.

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