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Wholesale tongue rings and barbells

Tongue rings ands barbells can sometimes be referred to as a dumbbell. Tongue barbells are a straight spear shape with a ball on the end of each side. When you have tongue rings or barbells placed through your tongue, they will usually be a 14 gauge piercing. The length can change depending on the thickness of each individual tongue. The first tongue rings barbells you will have are usually a 5/8 inch long barbell to accommodate any swelling. When your piercing has healed, you can put in tongue rings barbells that are usually about 7/16 to ½ inch in length, depending on your tongue and comfort level.

There are a number of tongue rings and/or barbells to choose from when it is time to change from your original piercing. If your city or town doesn't offer much in the area of body jewelry, you will have absolutely no trouble at all finding the right rings and barbells on the Internet in more styles than you can imagine at affordable prices.

Tongue barbells and rings can sometimes seem like one of the body piercings that doesn't offer much variety in what you can wear. That simply isn't the case anymore when you go shopping for tongue jewelry. Tongue barbells can be found with your favorite sports team logo, vibrating ends, blinking and much more!

Sometimes tongue barbells can begin to have an undesirable odor due to the bacteria, which is always present in the mouth. You can soak your tongue barbells in baking soda, salt water or mouth rinse for about an hour. Scrub the tongue ring and all of its parts with a toothbrush for a complete cleaning. Allow your tongue ring to thoroughly dry before inserting it back into your tongue.

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